Steps to a Successful Party


*Make a guest list including all your friends and family without leaving anyone out. You'll be pleasantly surprised how many people they know, so encourage each one to bring a friend!  Aim for 30-40 people; you can expect 1/2 of the invited guests to actually make it. 

*Call everyone on your list personally and let them know about the party. Tell them to arrive at least 30 minutes before it starts. Explain that all ordering will be done confidentially and remind them to bring friends and any outside orders along as well. Encourage everyone to schedule their own romance parties so they will be gifted free “goodies” too! I will mail you a hostess packet filled with my catalog, toy party ideas, recipes etc.

*Inform guests that a demo kit will be presented.  All orders will be placed immediately after the party and items arrive within 7-10 business days. Outside orders before and after the party will be included in your parties' total. Tell guests to visit, place their online orders and enter your name in the comments section.  When your party totals $250 in sales you will receive your 20% hostess credit!

*The night before the party:  Call to remind your guests, “Tomorrow night is the night!”. People get busy and someone who wanted to come may simply forget the date or time.  Please be sure they understand there are no babies or children under 18 allowed, and to bring friends/outside orders as they'll increase your party sales.  Parties generally last two hours from start to finish. Tell them they MUST be prompt or latecomers will miss out on q & a sessions, fun opening games and giveaways.  The maximum I will start a presentation late is 15 minutes.  I have a large show kit with lots of products so I cannot begin again.  It is also important to be considerate of guests who were prompt and may have time constraints.


*The day of the party: Keep refreshments light. You can’t imagine all the times where the hostess has spent big bucks for buffet style refreshments, cakes and such, and nobody ate it. This is your night too. I want you to relax and have a good time... not be serving your guests every 5 minutes. Have a private area ready for the ordering, this can be even a corner of the kitchen- I am good at being discreet! 

Please also have a table ready for my display. Before I leave all items (including pink folders, pens, clappers, etc. must be returned to me).  Replacement costs for stolen or damaged items' are added to YOUR Hostess’ bill! (This rule has unfortunately become necessary as people have taken things without paying in the past.) 

*Remind guests that payments are to be made with CASH, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express the night of the party. I do NOT accept personal checks. If they have a checking account, I can use their bank debit card.  (It’s the same as writing a check.) Please inform guests that your party is NOT free entertainment. The point of the party is for guests to enjoy learning about amazing products, place their orders and help YOU earn your 20% hostess credits and other goodies!

*If you need to reschedule your party please let me know as soon as possible. This is my business and a lost party means “no income”.  Therefore cancellations must be made asap in order to try to book your time slot.  $50 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel within 4 days of your scheduled party. $50 upfront for Atlantic City parties. That being said, I'm excited about your party and I'm here to support with ideas, tips or anything additional you may need to help make your party successful!   

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