Suki from New York City

Irene’s parties are super fun. She advocated and delivers a non-judgmental space amongst women to talk freely and make new friends all the while learning the most helpful tips!     

Lissy from Yonkers

Irene was awesome! She was warm and witty and made all of us feel so comfortable. By night’s end, we were sharing funny stories about past sexual experiences. She even took some of my most prudish friends and turned them into vibrant, raunchy ladies. Irene is such an amazing host.  She made great memories which my friends and I still look back on to this day. Thank you!  

Kati from Queens

We had a BLAST at the party. Got to know my friends at a whole other level! Everyone was so shy and quiet at the beginning and by the end they were all sharing stories that had us cracking up. Irene was awesome at bringing people together, making them feel comfortable, all while explaining the products in a way that peaked curiosity and made us want to know more about them. Anyone can have a toy party, but not everyone is lucky enough to have Irene be the one willing to get down on the floor to show you where your vagina is… you know in case you forgot! A night of shared laughter. I will never forget my mother-in-law’s face as I walked outside with a flashing penis tiara on my head.     

Desiree from the Bronx

I'm a loyal customer of Irene's since 2009, and will continue for years to come.  She's opened up a new world for me and my partner and given us the confidence to become more in tune with each other.  Her parties and products are FANTASTIC.  The best part is that she explains how things work and offers solutions to challenges you might be encountering in the bedroom. She suggests things to spice it up, like sensory experiences (tastes, textures, smells), new items or trends (curious fetishes) or show you tips and techniques on how to enhance an already satisfying love life!